Alf is a new play based on the story of Alfred Wallis. A retired fisherman turned amateur painter, Alf is ‘discovered’ by two celebrated artists visiting his home town of St Ives. He is hailed as a genius, and becomes the toast of the London art scene for his ‘naive’ artistic style, which is really just… the way someone might paint if they never learned how. All he wanted was a quiet retirement but, instead, Alf is thrust into a world he doesn’t understand by people who don’t understand him. Who would honestly think ‘artist’ is a proper job? Why are rich people who act like they’ve never seen a boat so interested in pictures of them? And why the hell do people seem to think it might take more than a couple of hours to paint a whole picture? Alf is a funny and relevant examination of class, creativity, and the value of art.

The show will be touring Cornwall in 2024.